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i don't particularly like doing it the way i did, but i've added a gallery of images from a recent trip to england and france. i was going to integrate the images into the sections i'd already created, but that began to get contrived. so, for better or worse, here's my revised site with images from our trip included. in the "things" section, i've added a few shots from a balloon festival i recently attended. i hope you enjoy it all.
garden photography - images of places and plants that relate to gardens
landscape photography - i've tried to keep the scrolling to a minimum, but there's so much landscape to photograph. sorry...
people photography - i'm not real comfortable photographing people, but sometimes i can't resist
things - i was going to call this "miscellany," but i decided to be more specific
europe, june 2013 - these images were taken during our trip to england and france in june of 2013

no photographs should be downloaded or printed from this website without the photographer's written permission. images can be purchased by contacting the photographer. some images from this site are available through fineartamerica.

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